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This page contains several of my speakings about computer science. During my PhD I was speaking about Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Big Data, Solar Physics and Software Engineering. Nowadays, I'm speaking about Computer Science and Web Development such as frontend and backend.

In any case, I'm opening to speaking any topic (which I could help you) about Computer Science from computer science fundamental theories to the last JS framework.

Speakings in meetups/events/conferences

  • Angular's ng-template and transclusion - 1 December 2018 - HackMeUp Málaga
  • Angular Testing: Workshop - 21 June 2018 - Angular Málaga
  • NodeJS Backend Technologies - 23 Feb 2018 - Accenture (Tecnilógica)
  • Clean Code applied to JavaScript - 16 Feb 2018 - Yunemy
  • Angular's Architecture on the server: NestJS - Google DevFest Málaga - 01 Dec 2017 -
  • Angular: Lazy Loading - 15 Dec 2017 - Angular Málaga
  • Herramientas para la gestión integrada de la información en materia de vivienda sostenible - 2015 - First International Conference on Smart Homes & UrbanRenewal
  • La comunicación entre administración y ciudadano relacionadas con políticas públicas urbanísticas - 2015 - First International Conference on Smart Homes & UrbanRenewal

Speakings during my PhD.