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This page contains several of my publication about computer science. I've write a lot of books in Spanish about Computer Science from hardware to web development.  Also, I've help to finished their computer science studies to a lot of students who I have been supervisor in their final project.

Nowadays, I'm writing international books of different topics as can be the last NodeJS Framework: NestJS.

In any case, I'm opening to writing any topic (which I could help you) about Computer Science from computer science fundamental theories to the last JS framework.

PhD. Computer Science - Thesis

  • Segmentation and Tracking of Active Regions and Detection of Solar Flares Using EUV images of the Sun - 2013 - You can ask me if you want to read!

Spanish Book

Web development

Networks and Computers


English Book

In process...

Final Projects supervised to get Computer Science Degree/Master

UOC - University Oberta of Cataluya

UMA - University of Málaga

  • Botanical database using visual queries. Comparison of leaf shape characterization algorithms - Carlos Palacín - 2014
  • Classification of plant species according to the shape of its leaves using artificial neural networks - Blanca Gómez - 2015
  • Design and development of a Webapplication for a CBIR system botanical - Juan Diego Ruiz - 2011.
  • Web automatizada para el pago colaborativo - Jose Manuel Calderón - 2017