carlos caballero

Who I am, and what I love doing

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Hi! My name is Carlos Caballero and I'm PhD. in Computer Science from Málaga, Spain.

Teaching developers and degree/master computer science how to be experts in web technologies and computer science fundamentals is what I do. I'm teaching in a vocational center and the University Oberta of Cataluya. Also, I teach to the companies which ask me specific courses in Angular, TypeScript, NodeJS or any topic about development.

I have collaborated with universities in research tasks, as a result of which I have given several talks around of the world and obtained a PhD. in computer science. In addition, I have written many books about computer science for computer students from networks to Web programming.

Finally, today I dedicate myself to teaching students, collaborating with companies to take their projects forward and creating personal projects that may be useful.

If you require my services or want a collaboration do not hesitate to contact me.